GSSP – Granulated Single Super Phosphate Plant

  • Granular or dry fertilizer is a type of fertilizer which comes in a dry pelleted form, as opposed to spikes, a liquid, or powder.
  • The key advantage to granular fertilizer is that it acts as a time release capsule, allowing nutrients to flow out over time, rather than flooding the plants with nutrients like liquid/powder fertilizers do.
  • It feeds grass plants the natural way, through the root system.
  • Granular products can be specially coated to provide a time release effect with additional micro nutrients.
  • Slow release provides for long benefits, fewer applications and also benefits to the health of the grass plant and have a low burn potential.
  • It provides overall value addition to the product.

Production Process:

The cured Single Super Phosphate is screened. The powder is taken directly and the lumps are taken after crushing, for granulation. The soil conditioner gypsum is also added. Then, the material is taken to the Granulator Drum where partial granulation is achieved with very fine jet of water spray on the bed of the material. Some coating of powder over the small nuclei/particles takes place. The material is then taken into Dryer Drum where hot air generated in the Furnace is passed through it. The material is cooled in cooler drum by passing ambient air through it. The Blowers connected to Dryer & Cooler Drums suck air from the drums and take some dust out of it. The dust is separated in the Cyclones/Dust Collectors and finally scrubbed in wet scrubber. The cooled material is screened through Under-size & Over-size Screens. The 1 – 4 mm or desired size homogenous particles are obtained using two sets of Vibrating Screens and remaining either goes for crushing in Chain Mills or go as the Final Product for Packing. The oversize material (after crushing) and undersize are recycled and taken back to the Granulator Drum for reprocessing.

Packing Section consists of Product Hopper, Belt Conveyor, Weighing Machine, Semi Automatic Bagging Plant and Stitching Machine with Slat Conveyor for packed bags. The stitched bags are stacked in storage godown from where the material is shipped to the consumers.

Major components of GSSP Production Line:

  • Crusher
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Rotary Granulator Drum
  • Furnace – Hot Air Generator
  • Rotary Dryer Drum
  • Rotary Cooler Drum
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Chain Mill
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Pollution Control Equipments
  • Product Hopper
  • Automatic Bagging Closing Machine
  • Stitching Machine and Slat Conveyor
Capacity in Tons/Day 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400
Raw Materials SSP in powder form, Binder-Gypsum
Fuel Furnace Oil, Coal/Briquettes, Gas, Diesel
Product Quality Standards Meet all standards like BIS, FCO, EURO
Technology Simple, Tried and Tested, Eco-friendly
Support Training of line and staff, Spares, Telephonic Technical Assistance

Characteristics of the equipments:

  • Designed based on advanced technologies, our GSSP Plant equipments feature energy-conservation, no waste discharge, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and stable operation, etc.
  • Made of high quality corrosion resistant, heat tested and wearing resistant raw materials; hence ensures long life.
  • Low dust emission level achieved through highly efficient pollution control system.
  • Easy to operate plant design.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity through less break-downs.

We specialize in providing turnkey solution for GSSP Plants. Our experienced workforce can provide custom-engineered manufacturing units with required modifications. We also offer excellent after-sales and maintenance services for our installed plants.

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